Who Are We

Established in 2011, Caribbean Integration Community Development (CICD) is a Boston based immigrant-serving nonprofit. Our objective is to promote a diverse and economically balanced community by providing community integration services focused around economic stability, self-sufficiency, multi-generational affordable housing, promotion of small businesses, and social enterprises. CICD’s initiative is designed to enable members of the migratory Caribbean community to come together on issues impacting their community.

The CICD economic development activities’ objective is to help minority entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential in their endeavors by providing the necessary assistance and the knowledge to achieve their goals.

CICD is dedicated to developing and operating multi-generational affordable and special needs housing in the Boston’s inner city and gateway cities of Massachusetts.

Mission Statement


Caribbean Integration Community Development (CICD) is dedicated to bridging the gap of migratory challenges facing Caribbean newcomers. CICD’s initiative delivers sound community integration services focused around promotion of small businesses and real estate development. This initiative also allows the immigrants to better themselves, their families, and provide them with the support and resources that will aid them in assimilating into the community.

The mission of the Caribbean Integration Community Development works will be multifaceted:

• Unite the Caribbean living in the greater Boston area with each other and the community-at-large;
• Develop and promote programs to strengthen, uplift, and empower the community;
• Advance the causes of the community; and
• Advocate cultural awareness.

People We Serve


CICD serves immigrants from all of the twenty-eight Caribbean nations. This initiative is an effort to address all the prevalent pain points facing the Caribbean community at large. While culturally different, we face similar migratory and economic challenges. To accomplish our mission, CICD relies on partnerships with other nonprofits and service based organizations in the greater Boston area.

Why our work is important


The Caribbean population in the state of Massachusetts has been growing tremendously along with the number and types of challenges and needs. The mentality, one size fits all service, no longer holds true. The needs of an African-American are not the same as would be for a foreign born resident. Compared to other ethnic immigrant groups, Caribbean’s are more likely to earn lower incomes, occupy more low-status jobs, and get in trouble with the law.

The Caribbean Integration Community Development (CICD) initiatives will provide programming to empower new arrivals towards self-sufficiency. The immigrant community has suffered from adult literacy and language barriers. The city of Boston has struggled to provide suitable housing accommodations for the large number of new immigrants and refugees. Housing can be difficult to find, and competition can be equally intense. Waiting lists for decent affordable housing can be years long with many restrictions and difficult to meet qualifications. The new immigrants can also be plagued by health problems due to lack of vaccinations or poor health habits. CICD’s main focuses are in language and education, housing, and health care.