Donald Alexis


We founded CICD in 2011 with the belief that this organization could work hand-in-hand with Boston’s (and particularly Mattapan’s) growing Caribbean immigrant population to create a strong, thriving and diverse community. Now in 2015, the CICD Board of Directors, our network of supporters and volunteers and myself take pride in our accomplishments thus far – but we realize there is still a long road to travel, and we remain committed to see this journey through to its end.

CICD works tirelessly to encourage future investment and growth in underserved communities. Our programming manifests itself in cross-collaboration with the Boston Housing Authority, the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, and the Metropolitan Boston Building Trades Council – but we never have, and never will, lose track of our overarching mission: to ensure that Boston’s newest Caribbean-born citizens – be they from Haiti, Jamaica, or anywhere else – are able to call their housing their home.

CICD faces great challenges in accomplishing our mission – but I have no doubt that we will meet, and surmount, every challenge we face. We have come so far in the past four years, and we will not stop now. All that we are missing – is you. I truly hope that you will join us, in whatever capacity you can, to help create a more vibrant Mattapan…a more vibrant Boston…and a more vibrant America.