Cote Village Public Meeting

At the Côte Village permit meeting, we had great conversation on what this development means with the many community concerns and the abutters.The project meets the community's vision in many levels.
a) Affordability: 68 out of 76 units are for individual living on fixed income and families working at the hospital, service industry, education, first responders, and young adults.

b) Family units: more than 60% of the units are 2 &3 brm, which allow current residents to move to nicer apartments. On site amenity and backyard space to foster a family friendly environment.

c) Youth Development: We are building a pre-teen center to give kids a place to learn and grow.

d) Local Hiring: From pre-development to post construction, this project will exceed Boston employment requirements.

e) During Construction: We will discuss our construction schedule with abutters and near by businesses monthly and a copy of the plan will available to the public.

Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 19:30