CICD’s strong leadership has established multi-agency collaborations across the private and public sectors to actively campaign for redevelopment to reverse blight parcels in Mattapan. This has resulted in a capital investment of nearly 50 million dollars, as well as the opening of the Cummings/Hwy commuter rail station and Cote Village housing development at the Cummings/Hwy station.

This influx of funds and the concurrent development projects make a powerful and positive impact to the community by restoring a vibrancy to the neighborhood that engages the community and enriches its residents’ daily lives. Our activism supported the creation of a community serenity garden and a pre-teen center for our youth.

Such neighborhood enhancements prove that communities can see progress when residents and civic institutions align their priorities and work together for positive change.

Impact Partners

Private Capital

Housing Investment Trust

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Boys and Girls Club of Boston

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Mattapan United

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New England United for Justice

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Community Labor United