Current Focus

Real Estate Development

Caribbean Integration Community Development's real estate efforts have been focused on redevelopment of vacant lots and properties along the Blue Hill Ave corridor.

CICD's impact includes:

  1. Promote equitable revitalization that addresses Mattapan commercial and housing needs.
  2. Preserving and developing affordable housing for all income level households.
  3. Young adults and others can improve their employment skills with pre-apprenticeship program.
  4. Improved pedestrian access, including new streetscapes, and lighting.
  5. Transform Mattapan vacant lots and abandoned properties to community assets.

CiCD strives to empower and build a stronger Calibbean Diaspora by promoting activities that increase income and education levels.

Strategic Planning

CICD primary focus has been around promotion of small businesses, assisting families attain economic stability, and provide community-responsive Real Estate development that foster greater cross-cultural community interaction.

To carry our mission, CICD work closely with a team of experienced professionals in the Urban Development fields to help build CICD’s capacity and to assume the overall execution of our projects.

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What Others Say About Us

CICD is an incredible organization and doing incredible work. What makes CICD an incredible organization is its participatory approach at community organizing that emphasizes a solution-based focus.
    This commitment to transforming reality "with" rather than "for" the community employs a method that seeks to conduct social investigation of community concerns, educate and analyze structural causes of said concerns, and finally devising collective action which will lead to community transformation.
Bernadette Adonis
In my capacity as the Executive Director of HAPHI it was not only necessary that I construct an empowering relationship with CICD, it was common sense. CICD affords us the opportunity to partner with the larger housing system in our effort to better understand and address the housing needs of the community and how these needs impact its overall public health.
   As public health practitioners we often confront global/local health issues including, but not limited to, access to health care, controlling the spread of disease, violence, substance abuse, etc. CICD ensures that we keep a pulse on the role that access to housing plays in all these disciplines.
Jean Marc